Charlie's Triceratops Cake

Charlie really loves Triceratops dinosaurs, not only does he have figures and books about dinosaurs he has a cuddly Triceratops called “ Horny" of all things, I know me and his mum had a real giggle about that one, ahh the innocence of children!

This is an 8 inch chocolate cake approximately 4 inches high. Mum decided to go for a chocolate drip ganache over the top of the cake to resemble mud and I dusted the green fondant icing with black edible dust to give the cake an old dusty look.

The Triceratops was quite a size even taller than the cake underneath, so it sits on top using a cake board and dowels inside the cake to support it. The Triceratops was made using Rice Krispie treats for the body and I covered him in sugar paste. I textured, dusted, modelled and painted him to resemble a dinosaur as best I could and I was quite pleased with the outcome.

I’m even happier to say that Charlie and all his friends at his party loved him and he got lots of lovely compliments.