White Flowers & Frills 4 Tier Wedding Cake

Inspired by brides and their stunning wedding dresses this 4 tier cake has lots of beautiful flowers and frills .

The cake had to have a wow factor, so I started with an incredibly delicate look on the bottom tier. It looks like a puff of fine material frills but is actually made from over a hundred hand cut edible wafer paper frills.

Delicate heart ruffles inset with a lovely little heart in the middle of each, the third tier sets a romantic tone.

Filled with various small white blossoms and flowers, the second tier of this cake is stunning. These are plain white flowers but they can be made with pretty edible pearls inset too to add extra interest.

The top tier is 5 layers deep and approx 6 inches tall with 8 hand made white roses finishing the romantic feel of the cake. The roses can be changed for other flower types or filler flowers added to add colour if you wish.

A cake similar to this romantic 4 tier beauty which would feed around 120 people