Rainbow The Unicorn Cake

Standing almost 2 foot high my "Rainbow The Unicorn Cake" is made of chocolate mud cake with a caramel chocolate buttercream filling, covered with a milk chocolate ganache base and finished in fondant.

There is a superstructure inside this cake allowing "Rainbow The Unicorn Cake" to stand tall. The body and the top of the head are where the yummy cake is and you can see where we cut into the cake in the last photo. Rice Krispie treats and fondant where used to cover the rest of the structure like the legs nose and chin of the unicorn.

It's quite hard to say how many people this carved cake feeds but it is was around 25 with a 6 inch dome cake inside the head and and around an 8 inch carved cake inside the body.

This cake took at least 4 days to complete and would cost £250 to order