Halloween Chibi Style Mummy Cake

Our family has always loved any excuse to get the fancy dress box out ever since I was a kid, a long time ago now I know! My mum and step dad never missed a chance for a fancy dress party so when I had kids, Halloween became a big deal.

My daughters annual Halloween party was more important to her than her birthday, we'd decorate the whole house with a mixture of handmade and shop bought decorations, from paper bats to balloon spiders, as well as the traditional carved pumpkins and all the games and have a party, we loved it. 

Sadly my kids are all grown up now, so no more kids parties for me. Luckily my sister loves Halloween just as much as I do, so its all round to her house these days for some spooky fun. Obviously you can't have a party without a cake, well you can't can you, you just can't!! 

Now I've made a lot of different Halloween cakes over the years but I wanted to try something big and challenging and so...... 

The Chibi Mummy Cake rose from the undead to haunt the living and curse you all .. wicked crackles .... lighting strikes....weir wolves howling.....Okay okay I'm getting carried away I know. I just love Halloween, but you can't get too scary when some of the party guests are under 5.

Mummy Chibi (I call him Tut) has a chocolate mud cake inside his oversized head, and the structure for his little body was covered with Rice Krispie treats and modelling chocolate for his bandages. He was great fun to make and the kids loved him nearly as much as I did.