Juliettes' Cakes has arrived !

Hi Welcome to my website and my first ever blog, I'm so excited the launch day is finally here! I hope you like my website as much as I do !

I have had some amazing & talented people helping me get this website off the ground and I think it really shows.

Not only is it launch day but I'm even busier than usually in my kitchen today, because it's my daughters birthday. It's my baby's last year as a teenager, so I think that calls for a really really girly cake don't you?

Now I don't know about the girls in your life but my daughter loves a trend, she's a slave to fashion and all things pink, rose gold and glittering. 

I had to think cake trend of the year so of course it had to be a unicorn cake, pictures to follow very soon.

Hey I can do that no problem.... but wait this is my youngests' last birthday as a kid (well I still think she's a kid)! It can't just be any old unicorn now can it...No I hear you say! 

Well that's what she said anyway.

So standing in my decorating room right now .... is a almost 2 foot semi naked unicorn. Sorry didn't mean to make you blush, she's just waiting to be adorned with a beautiful mane and all the obvious unicorn attributes.

Anyway I'd better get back to it, the girls going to expect an amazing cake this evening, so wish me luck and we'll talk again soon x