Unicorn Cake Inspired by My Little Pony

Well, I've had a really really busy few days caking it up, and lots of you have been asking where the photos of my daughters birthday cake have got to!

I know, I know I'm about a week late but here she is, our daughters My Little Pony inspired unicorn cake.

We've named her Rainbow and my daughter just loved her thank goodness, because boy did she take some planning!

Standing almost 2 foot high "Rainbow The Unicorn Cake" is made of chocolate mud cake with a caramel chocolate buttercream filling, covered with a milk chocolate ganache. J's favourite flavour of course so there is not a scrap left!

You'll see from the photos that there is a superstructure inside this cake allowing "Rainbow The Unicorn Cake" to stand tall. 

I know who cares about structure right, where's the cake !!!!..... well the body and the top of the head are where the yummy cake is and you can see where we cut into the cake in the last photo. The rest is made up of the structure and Rice Krispie treats.

Oh, by the way, I added a little fondant tattoo to each of "Rainbow The Unicorn Cakes" hind legs. J is a flight attendant for a very well-known airline that can't be named but I'm sure the orange wings will give it away!!!!

It's such a great way to personalise this gorgeous cake and easily adaptable for something that would put a big smile on your little pickles face.

P.S You know Unicorn Cakes are magic right, so just make a wish!